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Discover cultural site with a private guide



Visit in family or with your friends, cities and villages of Camargue and around.

The tour guide will be here only for you.


You can create your visit or you can join a group which is already here.



Whether you are a professional, a partnership or a club, discover South of France's jewels.

You can also ask only for accompaniments.


Soizic MICHEL will be your guide and she will enjoy to explain to you what is around you.

Suggestions for visits



Visit the city which was founded by Saint Louis during the 13th century. This city was the departure point for the 7th and the 8th crusade.

Aigues-Mortes is very well preserved.

You will discover the "Tour de Constance" where was imprisoned Marie Durand during 38 Years, ramparts and the old city.




Discover this picturesque fishermen's village which was developped during the middle of the 19th century.

Its special history and its traditions will you surprise. You will learn the Second World War impact on this small seaside resort and its touristic development.



Soizic will explain to you the evolution of its port and the creation of Port Camargue which is the first marina of Europe.



Discover the Little Roma of Gauls which was so appreciated by the emperor Constantin during the 4th century.

Travel in the time with its Ancient Theater and its Roman arena, discovering the beautiful church Saint Trophime and its very nice mansions of Renaissance without to forget the old hospital where was confined Van Gogh.



Come in French Roma. Nîmes is more than 2000 years old.

Nimes advances with its time: it built its Roman arena and its "Maison Carrée" during Roman time, it built churches during Middle-Ages, mansions during Renaissance and its "Carré d'Art" during Modern Times.





Discover the main city of the area.

Montpellier is a dynamic city which is known especially for its medicine university which is the oldest university in the world.

You will discover medieval streets in Ancient Courrier Quarter and the display of Louis the 14th on Peyrou's Garden.



Visit the capital of Camargue.

You will discover its beautiful church which is a saint site for Gipsys. The church shelters Maria-Salome and Maria-Jacobe's relics and the statue of Sainte Sara.

Soizic will relate to you Saintes's legend, Mireille's story, what is a bullfight in Camargue....



City where the river Vidourle is the king.

You will see its famous roman bridge and its special houses. You will visit its beautiful church and you will discover its castle.



Visit one of the most beautiful village of France.

Les Baux de Provence is located on the heart of Alpilles and you can discover and to fell the pastoral past of Provence.

You will discover its famous lords and their history. Soizic will relate you how Louis the 13th gave the marquisate to Grimaldi's family who has still the title.


She will relate the legend of the village and you will visit its differents monuments.



Uzès is a charming city which is known for its market.

Classified and named 1st dukedom of France, Uzès will you reveal its beautiful cathedral, its famous "Tour Fenestrelle", its ducal house and its picturesque "Place aux Herbes".

Soizic will you discover its history, its anecdotes and of course its architectural treasures.



Discover this Roman bridge which was built during the 1st century.

Soizic will you explain how Roman people built this bridge so solid especially against risings of Gardon. She will you relate its incredible story from its beginning to our days.

This list is not exhaustive and some particular request will be welcome and concieved as far as possible.


All visits can be executed all year long at your request.


Visits can be cancelled in case of meteorological or technical reasons or in case of force majeure.



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